PFC Corofil Firestop Compound

PFC Corofil Firestop Compound
Firestop Compound poured onto permanent mineral fibre shutter in floor

Service Penetrations






  • Fire Protection Engineer

Product Description:

PFC Corofil Firestop Compound is used to provide a fire rated seal around service penetrations in fire rated walls and floors. Tested in accordance with BS 476:Part 22, PFC Corofil Firestop Compound provides up to 6 hours fire protection.

General benefits:
• Smoke seal
• Good acoustic insulation
• Simple installation
• Load bearing seal for maintenance and light foot traffic
• Suitable for making good around most types of service penetrations
• Unaffected by humidity
• Maintenance free
• No smoke emission
• Approved for use on London Underground projects

PFC Corofil Firestop Compound is a specially formulated gypsum based mortar, which is mixed with water to be trowelled or poured around service penetrations. Plastic pipework must be protected with either PFC Corofil Firestop Collars or Intumescent Pipe Wraps (see technical data sheets). In floors, depending on the hole size, PFC Corofil permanent shuttering panel (50mm) is cut and friction fitted between services and the edges of the floor slab. Firestop Compound is then trowelled over the shuttering to a depth of 25mm thick and is allowed to harden. The Firestop Compound is then mixed to a pouring grade and tops the seal up to the required depth. In walls, Firestop Compound is mixed into a stiff consistency for trowelling into smaller openings. In larger openings, Firestop Compound may be cast into blocks which are built into walls.

Install PFC Corofil Firestop Compound to provide up to 6 hours fire protection to all service penetrations through fire rated walls and floors. Installation to be fully in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Please provide the following information:

• Size of opening
• Details of service penetrations
• Fire rating
• Quantity required

Please order from our technical sales office.


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