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    Products: Linear Gap Seals

    5 results


    Butyl Tape is a pre-formed, high performance, intumescent polyisobutylene (PIB) based sealing tape. The product is used in applications to form a fire and air tight seal. The strip may be used to seal dry wall track heads where they interface with co...

    Application: Linear Gap Seals
    Performance: Fire,Acoustic

    PFC Corofil C144 Firestop Strips provide firestopping for horizontal and vertical linear joints in masonry and concrete walls and floors. The strips are manufactured pre cut to fit the specific gap size and depth of the joint, depend...

    Application: Linear Gap Seals
    Performance: Fire,Acoustic,Airtightness,Thermal

    C144 Firestop Blocks are used to firestop profiles in roofing, cladding and floor decking. The blocks are manufactured to fit the specific profile used and to suit the width of the wall, beam or partition and the period of fire protection required....

    Application: Linear Gap Seals
    Performance: Fire,Acoustic,Airtightness,Thermal

    PFC Corofil Tissue Faced Acoustic Profile Fillers are designed to fit into the corrugations of perforated metal roof decking used to reduce sound reverberation within a room.   Benefits: Provide an absorptive surface without...

    Application: Linear Gap Seals
    Performance: Acoustic

    PFC Corofil Fastight Coating is an easily applied water based permanently flexible acrylic for use with Corofil C144 Linear Gap Seals and C450 Cavity Firestop. The coating can be brush or spray applied.   Benefits: Impro...

    Application: Linear Gap Seals, Fastight
    Performance: Acoustic,Airtightness