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      Linear Gap Seals



    PFC Corofil C500 Intumescent Linear Joint Seal

    Product Description:

    PFC Corofil C500 Intumescent Linear Joint Seal is designed to firestop construction joints up to 75mm wide in fire resisting masonry, concrete or blockwork walls and concrete floors.
    Tested in accordance with BS 476:Part 20, PFC Corofil C500 Intumescent Linear Joint Seal provides up to 4 hours fire protection.

    Please provide the following information:

    • Fire rating
    •  Joint size
    • Quantity required (in linear metres)

    Please order from our technical sales office.


    M4 Product Table

    PFC Product Code CE Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    35PBC500152050 PFC C500 1Mx 15-20x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500152025 PFC C500 1Mx 15-20x 25mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500101550 PFC C500 1Mx 10-15x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500101525 PFC C500 1Mx 10-15x 25mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500253050 PFC C500 1Mx 25-30x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500253025 PFC C500 1Mx 25-30x 25mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500202550 PFC C500 1Mx 20-25x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500202525 PFC C500 1Mx 20-25x 25mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500354050 PFC C500 1Mx 35-40x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500303550 PFC C500 1Mx 30-35x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500455050 PFC C500 1Mx 45-50x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500404550 PFC C500 1Mx 40-45x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500556050 PFC C500 1Mx 55-60x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500505550 PFC C500 1Mx 50-55x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500657050 PFC C500 1Mx 65-70x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.
    35PBC500606550 PFC C500 1Mx 60-65x 50mm INTU EXP.JOINT LEN.